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Admission Process Program Overview

This gives you an overview of the Teacher Licensure Program from start to finish. 

1. Apply to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

2. Apply to the College of Education and Human Services

3. Apply to the Teacher Licensure Program (PEP)

4. Apply for Student Teaching

5. Apply for Graduation

6. Apply for Teacher Licensure

The information on the next pages will help walk you through this process.  If at any time you have questions please contact

Admission to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

If you are not already a student at UW Oshkosh, you must apply and be accepted to the University prior to beginning the undergraduate teacher licensure program, i.e. PEP

Transfer students
Official transcripts must be sent to UW Oshkosh along with your application. Visit or contact the Admissions Office at (920) 424-0202 for information about credit transferring.

Admission to the University of  Wisconsin Oshkosh does not guarantee admission to the College of Education and Human Services.  Admission to the College of Education and Human Services is determined by criteria established by the Curriculum and Instruction Department and the Special Education Department.

Admission to the College of Education and Human Services

Prior to entrance into the College of Education and Human Services, first-time students will spend approximately two to three semesters completing general education and content coursework specific to their degree and major.

All Education Majors apply for Admission to the COEHS the semester they are enrolled in (12) 235.  The following eligibility requirements must be met:

  • Passed the Praxis I: Pre-Professional Skills Test
    • Reading – 175
    • Writing – 174
    • Math – 173
  • Earn a grade of “C” or better in Fundamentals of Speech (96-111)
  • Successfully complete a minimum of 27 credits
  • Earn a combined GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • A clear Criminal Background Check and a negative tuberculosis test
  • A signed Professional Disposition Statement

Application and eligibility requirements are due September 15 for spring semester admission or February 15 for fall semester admission. Application materials will be reviewed by faculty in candidate’s major or licensure area.

Admission to Licensure Program (PEP) – Initial Portfolio

Students admitted to the college develop a portfolio aligned with the Ten Wisconsin Teacher Standards and the COEHS Educator as a Caring Intellectual Conceptual Model.

  • Successfully completed a minimum of 40 credits including specific professional education course work
  • Graded assignment from a General Education course that demonstrates subject matter knowledge
  • Portfolio artifacts chosen from professional course work and field experiences
  • Initial Stage Portfolios are reviewed by faculty in candidate’s licensure area, e.g., Art Majors reviewed by Art faculty

Portfolios are submitted electronically at the end of the semester student is applying to their licensure program.

Preparing Your Portfolio (pdf) - Please read carefully

Admission to Student Teaching Portfolio 

Students demonstrate readiness for students teaching

  • Successfully completion of all undergraduate work
  • 3.00 Grade Point Average in cumulative, professional, major and minor
  • Successful completion of clinical field placement
  • Portfolio artifacts provide evidence of student's reflection on and assessment of progress toward the Ten Wisconsin Teacher standards

V. Student Teaching - Capstone Experience

Teacher Candidates are provided placements that correlate with their intended teacher license

VI. Transition to Teaching Assessment Portfolio

  • Sample of student work across time and curriculum that demonstrates growth and understanding of the Ten Wisconsin Teacher Standards
  • Reflects student's progress, goals and capabilities

For more information contact the Professional Education Program (PEP) Office


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