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Registration Procedures

Student statuses for registration (i.e. admitted student, special student, guest student) are explained in detail on the Office of Graduate Studies.

Graduate students admitted in the MSE Literacy or Co-op Program are able to register for all core courses using TitanWeb. Periodically check the TitanWeb registration home page for regular announcements about registration and related items.

The only core courses for which Literacy and Language Department personnel need to assist with registering are Literacy 720, 721 and the two 798 courses. If you need to be enrolled for any of these courses, e-mail with your request. If you experience difficulty in attempting to register a course using TitanWeb and receive an 'error message', please make note of that message and contact the reading department office for assistance at (920) 424-4444 or

Independent study registration requires the filing of an independent study contract form (this form is not available to download) and proposal. The official multi-part contract can be obtained from the Literacy and Language office or the Graduate Studies office. The contract must be submitted to the department's graduate program coordinator after it has been signed by the instructor and will then be forwarded to the associate dean and to the Graduate Studies office for approval.

Some students may be required to obtain permission from the assistant vice chancellor, Graduate Studies. Among those are persons who have not satisfied conditions specified at the time of the original enrollment and those who have specific restrictions associated with a probationary and/or readmission status. Other registration "stops" may include non-payment of fees, overloads, etc.

Check the registration calendar for deadline dates for adding and dropping courses.

For information regarding tuition, payment deadlines and refunds, visit Student Accounts.

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