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Proposed Course Offerings

The hybrid courses are conducted with an online component, in addition to on-campus sessions, to offer students an alternative to regular classroom courses and a more flexible learning environment. Designed to meet the unique demands of the 21st century, the hybrid courses enable people with family or employment commitments to more readily take courses.

The hybrid courses are part of the regularly offered schedule and part of the faculty's regular credit load. Courses will vary in percentage of online and face-to-face meetings.


Computer Requirements for Hybrid Courses


Course #
Course Name
Literacy 763
Literacy & Technology 2
Literacy 705 Literacy in the Elementary School 3
Literacy 735 Adolescent Literacy: Programs and Practices 3
Literacy 765 Literacy Assessment 3
Literacy 798 Reflective Journey (taken twice, 1 cr. each, Orientation and Defense)
Literacy 720 Interactive Literacy Intervention
(practicum with 1-3 grade students)
Literacy 721 Readers'/Writers' Workshop - Secondary
(Grades 5-12)
Literacy 780 Administration/Supervision of Literacy Programs 3
Reading 785 Practicum in Literacy 3
Literacy 790 or  Ed Found 770
Research Essentials for the Literacy Leader OR Foundations of Ed Research
LIteracy 715
Issues in Literacy
  Electives as needed

Individuals with Learning Disabilities
Child or Adolescent Lit.

* Not offered as part of the 30 credit Masters

  Total Credits


In this hybrid program, students will be required to take the Learning Disabilities and the Literature class if older than seven years upon acceptance into the program for DPI licensure. 

Completing all requirements for the MSE does not ensure licensure.  The Literacy and Language department faculty must positively recommend the candidate for both 316 and 17 licensure.

A minimum of two years of teaching experience is required by the Department of Public Instruction for 316 licensure and three years for 17 licensure.  Also, a passing score of 240 on the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test is required by DPI.

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