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Graduate Achievement Program

Graduate Achievement Program (GAP)

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's Graduate Achievement Program (GAP) in Literacy is designed for individuals who have completed a master's degree and desire additional graduate study in reading for professional enrichment, growth and career advancement.

Meeting state renewal requirements, the GAP program allows teachers holding a master's in education, not specifically in reading or literacy, to obtain a Wisconsin Reading Teacher 316 and Reading Specialist 17 certification. Specifically, the program will enable reading specialists to extend their proficiencies in:

  1. Planning, establishing, and evaluating reading programs

  2. Interpreting research and theories related to reading, and

  3. Leadership related to reading curriculum, programs, and issues.

Admission Requirement

To be admitted to the GAP in Literacy, the student must have completed a master's with a teaching emphasis from a regionally accredited university with a grade point of 3.0 or better.

Program Requirements

The Graduate Achievement Program is designed as an issues-centered curriculum which can be completed without licensure in a sequence of 19 units.  For candidates who also want to complete Department of Public Instruction(DPI)  licensure requirements for the 316 Reading Teacher and 17 Reading Specialists as a part of the GAP program, they will need to complete the following sequence of 25 units (credits). 


Required courses: 

(Selected in consultation with Graduate Program Coordinator)

Course #
Course Name
Literacy & Technology

Literacy 705 Literacy in the Elementary School 3
Literacy 735 Adolescent Literacy Prog & Prac
Reflective Journey of the Literacy Professional (Orientation)
Literacy 765 Literacy Assessment
Literacy 720 Interactive Literacy Intervention
Literacy 721 The Readers' Writers' Workshop Approach: Sec Level
Literacy 780 Administration & Supv of Literacy Prog
(for students seeking Reading Specialist Licensure)
Literacy 785 Practicum in Literacy
(for students seeking Reading Specialist Licensure)
Literacy 798 Reflective Journey of the Literacy Professional (Defense)

GAP must be completed within four consecutive years.

Satisfactory academic performance includes at least a "B" average on all work taken within the requirements for the GAP with no more than one "C" or "BC" grade permitted.


No units (crs.) other than those which may be taken from within the cooperative reading program will be accepted in transfer.

Graduate Achievement Program (GAP) will complete a Reflective Journey Portfolio that will include artifacts from the classes they take. If there are any required assessments, they will also be required for inclusion in this portfolio.

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