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Bilingual Reading Teacher Certificate Program 

Support English Language Learners

Bilingual Reading CertificateThe 316 Bilingual Reading Teacher Certificate program enables students who hold or are working toward a bilingual teaching license to work more effectively with English language learners in their schools.  

In the program, students complete coursework in ESL/bilingual education that builds the background necessary to work in bilingual and dual-language programs and support learning for English learners in the general classroom. The program also includes courses required of the 316 Reading Teacher License, which further builds their background in the teaching, learning and assessment of literacy. 

Through the program, students learn to:

  • Administer elementary and secondary school reading programs.

  • Effectively support literacy development of monolingual and bilingual students in both English and the targeted language.

  • Implement effective interactive literacy intervention and bridging techniques.

  • Provide leadership in bilingual literacy proficiency.

Required courses

Course Number
Course Name 

Elem/Sec Ed 548   

Principles of Bilingual/Bicultural Education


Elem/Sec Ed 552 

ESL/Multicultural Materials


Elem/Sec Ed 551

Authentic Assessment for ESL/Bilingual Educations


Elem/Sec Ed 715

Trends in C&I: Literacy Development in Spanish for Bilingual Learners


Literacy 735

Adolescent Literacy Programs/Practices


Literacy 763

Literacy & Technology  (Requirements may be met with equivalent course or demonstrated competence)


Literacy 765

Literacy Assessment (Skills used in this course are applied in the practicum experiences in Reading 720 and 721)


Literacy 798   

Reflective Journey (Orientation)


Literacy 720

Interactive Literacy Intervention


Literacy 721

Readers’/Writers’ Workshop


Literacy 798  Reflective Journey (Defense)  0


Total credits


Upon completion, students are eligible to apply for a 316 Reading Teacher License and a 316 Bilingual Reading Teacher Certificate.

For program and enrollment information, contact:

Dr. Mike Ford
(920) 424-4444

Dr. Kathy Henn-Reinke


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