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17 Reading Specialist

Reading Specialist License (17)



Minimum Unit (Cr.) Requirements: 30 crs.

To be recommended for this license, students must complete the MSE in Reading Education degree which includes all the courses on the Reading Teacher page plus:

Course #
Course Name
Ed Found 770
Foundations of Educ Research 3
Reading Education 790 OR 715
Seminar in Reading Research

Issues in Literacy and Language: Annual Symposium Theme
Reading Education 780
Admin/Supv Literacy Programs 3
Reading Education 785
Practicum in Literacy 3


At least 9 of the required units (crs.) for 17 licensure, including Reading 720, must be taken at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

A minimum of three years teaching experience is required by the Department of Public Instruction for 17 licensure.

Completing all requirements for the MSE does not ensure licensure. The Literacy and Language faculty must positively recommend the candidate for 17 licensure.

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