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Off-Campus Cohort

Have it your way!

You can arrange to have the MS Educational Leadership program, any of the Certificate programs, or one or more courses delivered off-campus to your site. We also can develop courses to meet your specific needs and may be able to negotiate a special price for your group.

How does that work? 

  1. Identify your need or want... i.e., I want to earn a masters degree but don't want the hastle of driving to the UW Oshkosh campus. OR My staff needs and wants more information on diversity and equity so that we can better meet the needs of our students. OR I'd like to work on a graduate degree but only want Saturday courses. OR....
  2. Contact Dr. Karen Gibson, Program Coordinator  ( She will come to your location to talk about your ideas, how the program might be organized (courses, times, delivery format, etc) and tuition costs. Together we will build a program to meet your needs.
  3. You will advertise the program and secure a minimum of 15 students to participate in the program.
  4. Students register and complete the program as agreed.


Cohort examples:

Berlin Cohort -- 2006-08
Ripon Cohort -- 2007-07
Ripon II Cohort -- 2009-11

Ripon III Cohort -- 2011-12

Howard Suamico Cohort -- 2011-12

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