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Portfolio Rubrics and Directions

MS Educational Leadership

You will submit two portfolio entries while in the MS Educational Leadership program; one at the beginning of the program, the second at the end.

Your first entry will be during EdL 701, Intro to Ed Leadership. You will create a wiki where you (1) self-assess your strengths and weaknesses related to program goals and dispositions along with a statement indicating where you want to grow and (2) write a one-page philosophy of leadership statement.

At Seminar time you will revisit your portfolio/wiki again self-assessing your strengths and weaknesses related to program goals and dispositions, paying particular attention to discussing how you have grown (give examples please!) and an updated philosophy of leadership statement.

Please label  your Beginning Entries as "Beginning" or "Intro" and your Seminar entries as "Seminar" or "Ending." We are looking for evidence of growth.


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