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Admission Requirements to the Program & Internship

Official Admission to the Program & Internship (HUMAN SV-325)

Students will be admitted into the Human Services Internship (formerly Intermediate Field Experience) when the following requirements have been met:

    • Human Services Leadership Major GPA of 2.75
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.50 and 65 units (crs.) earned
    • Completion of a minimum of three courses in the Human Services major, as follows:  HUMAN SV-203, Introduction to Human Services;  HUMAN SV-310 Interpersonal Relations in the Helping Professions;  and one additional core course ... either HUMAN SV-320, HUMAN SV-335, or HUMAN SV-340.
    • Good Standing

Applications will be reviewed and acted on by the Human Services Leadership Admissions Committee in March and October.

  • Applications are due by October 1st for Spring and March 1st for Summer and Fall.
  • Exceptions to the above admissions policy will be made on an individual basis by appeal to and recommendation of the admissions committee.
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