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Study Abroad Opportunities

Opportunities in Human Services Leadership

The faculty encourage study abroad as it is a life-changing opportunity. Human Services Leadership faculty and staff offer the following trips:

Seminar on Globalization: Africa's Experience in Uganda

Location: Buckley High School/Busoga University in Iganga District - Uganda

Dates: usually spring/summer


USA Summer Camp: Japan

Location: Multiple locations throughout Japan

Dates: summer


Leadership and Culture in Australia

Location: Cairns and Sydney, Australia

Dates: winter interim


Seminar on Globalization: Africa’s Experience in Kenya

Location: Egerton University — Njoro, Kenya

Dates: winter interim


Education, Society and Culture in Modern Greece

Location: Volos, Meteora, Makrinitsa, Athens - Greece; London - England

Dates: spring interim


Other opportunities may be considered, please contact the HSL program for approval.


Additional study abroad opportunities

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