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Scholarships and Awards

WHPE (Wisconsin Health & Physical Education)

Association Teaching Honor Award

2008 - Mary DeMunck

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Major Club of the Year

Recipient: HPER Club  

WHPE Honors

Amie Heinzelman, Vice President 2008-09
Ryan Heath, WHPE Future Professionals Vice President, 2010-11
Lisa LeMahieu, WHPE Future Professionals Secretary, 2010-11
Mary DeMunck, WHPE Future Professionals Advisor, 2010-11
Heidi Hagen Wara, UW-Oshkosh Alumni, WHPE Future Professionals Advisor, 2010-11

WHPE Student Leader Award

2011 - Ryan Heath

WHPE Scholarship Recipients

2007-2008 - Lindsey Hunt and Trina Schuh
2008-2009 - Erin Czechanski

WHPE Awards

2010 Promising Professional Award: Trina Schuh, UW-Oshkosh Alumni
2010 Promising Professional Award: Samantha Massono Tahic, UW-Oshkosh Alumni
2010 Larry Cain Award: Heidi Hagen Wara, UW-Oshkosh Alumni

UW Oshkosh

Outstanding Senior

2006 Recipient: "D" Robinson
2007 Recipient: Michael Arendt and Robert Feldkamp
2008 Recipient: Erin Czechanski

Health Education Outstanding Senior

2009 Recipient: Katie Poisl
2010: Amie Heinzelman

Adapted Physical Education Outstanding Senior

2009 Recipient: Katie Poisl
2010: Angie Moeller

Pre K-12 Physical Education Outstanding Senior

2009 Recipient: Jessie Scheer
2010 Recipient: Jessica Abitz

Innovative and Creative Award - UWO SLIC Award


ROWLAND Scholarship 

2006 Recipient:  Abbigail Lewitzke
2007 Recipient:  Abbigail Lewitzke, Amie Heinzelman
2008 Recipient: Abbigail Lewitzke, Amie Heinzelman, Cassie Peterson
2009 Recipient: Amie Heinzelman, Cassie Peterson



2010 Student Delegate: Ryan Heath
2010 Wisconsin Student Forum Delegate: Ryan Heath

Recognition Awards

2011 Honor Award Recipient: Rosie Sylvester, UW-Oshkosh Alumni
2011 Ruth Abernathy Presidential Graduate Scholarship: Matthew Ferry, UW-Oshkosh Alumni

NASPE Outstanding Majors of the Year Award

2011 Recipient: Theresa Michalski

Midwest AAHPERD Leadership Development Conference

2007 Recipients: Mollie Rieser, Tara Bowen, Erin Czechauski, Amie Heinzelman, Mike Dirkmann
2008 Recipients: Amie Heinzelman, Ben Herland, Jessica Abitz, Tim Czajka
2009 Recipients: Ryan Heath, Jessica Abitz, Ben Herland, Theresa Michalski
2010 Recipients: Ryan Heath, Theresa Michalski

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