Conceptual Model

image-conceptual model 

Skillful Practitioner

  • Exhibits professional behavior(is ethical, reflects emotional stability, shows mature judgment in working with others, is punctual and prepared, is cooperative and a team player, has appropriate social skills, demonstrates a positive attitude and has appropriate personal appearance)
  • Creates a positive learning environment (has an effective classroom presence, develops and maintains an orderly learning environment, provides equitable student engagement in learning, develops a positive rapport with children, focuses simultaneously on students, teaching strategies, and content; and demonstrates a passion for teaching)
  • Prepares extensively (develops learning experiences that are logical and developmental, gathers and adapts materials to meet all students’ needs, and designs interdisciplinary learning experiences)
  • Skillfully implements lessons (makes goals and objectives clear to students, reflects use of in-depth questioning strategies, engages students in learning significant concepts, and uses a variety of grouping strategies to motivate students)
  • Demonstrates refined communications skills (written, listening and oral)

Pedagogy & Learning

  • Designs learning experiences that reflect a clearly articulated model of learning, are appropriate to curriculum goals/standards, are appropriate for diverse student needs, promote higher level thinking skills, reflect the experiences and cultures of the students, and utilize a variety of activities, strategies and materials that promote authentic learning
  • Uses a variety of authentic assessment strategies to measure student learning, involves learners in self-assessment and goal setting, and influences planning and instruction

Content & Curriculum

  • Demonstrates accurate, extensive knowledge of relevant discipline and subject areas and appropriate curricular standards
  • Designs and implements curricula that build upon students’ prior knowledge, engage students in generating knowledge and testing hypotheses, encourage students to question and interpret ideas from diverse perspectives, reflect real-life application, and utilizes formative and summative assessment information

Diversity & Culture

  • Shows sensitivity to differences in age, cultural and linguistic background, gender, ability, and sexual orientation; understands how students differ in their approaches to learning; uses teaching and assessment strategies to ensure academic and social success for all learners; and seeks to develop professional and community partnerships in support of student learning and well-being

Change Agent

  • Participates in activities designed to make school a productive learning environment, makes links with learners’ other environments, advocates for the improvement of student outcomes, works to incorporate “best practices” of their field into classroom instruction, and helps to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions for students to participate in a democratic society

Reflective Professional

  • Reflects on, analyzes, evaluates and learns from one’s own teaching elicits and incorporates constructive feedback, is flexible and has intellectual agility, and considers the broader purposes of education in planning and teaching

Lifelong Learner

  • Develops positive relationships with school professionals, demonstrates an interest in observing other teachers in order to gain knowledge of different philosophies and practices, and shares ideas about teaching and lessons.
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