Internet Resources

Adapted Resources that can be found on the internet.

Wisconsin Disabled Sports

Websites and information found for Disabled Sports in Wisconsin

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National Disabled Sports Information

Websites and Information of Disabled Sports for the Nation

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University Programs with Adapted Sites

Links to various Colleges and Universities with Adapted Websites.

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Adapted Sports Associations

Associations related to Adapted Sports

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Camps for Disabled

A list of camps accommodating those with disabilities. Listed by country or state.

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APA Resources

The following web sites provide information that pertains to adapted physical education, therapeutic recreation, and sports for individuals with disabilities and is provided for anyone interested in these areas to use. These are possible sites for students and teachers to utilize to obtain information for presentations, research, equipment, and papers they are writing. If you currently have a web site that deals with adapted physical activity and we have not listed your web site or change the address of your web site please e-mail us information pertaining to your web site and we will update our information. These sites are listed alphabetically.

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