Adapted Physical Education Minor

26 credits

Course #

Course Name



PE 373
Adapted Physical Education 3 Fall/Spring
PE 374/574
Assessment and Prescription Techniques in Adapted Physical Education
2 Fall
PE 375/575
Lifespan Motor Development
2 Fall/Spring
PE 376/576
Sports for Individuals with Disabilities
2 Spring
PE 380/580
Adapted Aquatics
2 Fall
PE 422/622
Physical Education for Individuals with Developmental Disabilites
3 Fall
PE 424/624
Physical Education for Individuals with Chronic and Permanent Physical Disabilites
3 Spring
PE 482/682
Practicum in Physical Education for Special Education
Practicum in Adapted Physical Education
3 Offered Fall and Spring semesters with a minimum of 180 hours to completed at an arranged school or work site involving individuals with special needs. Need to average approximately 12-13 hours per week.
SpEd 352/552
Children and Youth with Disabilities in General Education 3 Fall/Spring
SpEd 381/581
Behavior Change and Management
3 Fall



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