Emily Schulz

I am finishing up my first year of teaching at Forest Glen Elementary School in the Howard-Suamico School District and absolutely love it. I am actually going for an interview TODAY for the 5/6 PE position at our intermediate school (Lineville). I don't want to have to leave FG because the students and staff are wonderful, but unfortunately I am only part time teaching M-F 7:45-11:45. I was fortunate enough to get many sub jobs in the afternoons throughout the year right at my own school, so even though I only had 8 of my own PE classes, I got to know most of the kids really well through subbing. I couldn't be at a better place.

I work with another great teacher who has been an awesome mentor and I'll be sad if I have to leave. I am hoping that I can eventually get back to the elementary level, because that is where my heart is. I also coached sprints at Bayport and had a lot of fun with the girls.

I was able to put together a lot of fun things this year for my students and we held our 1st annual Health Fair to gets kids aware of nutrition habits, sun safety, dental health, heart health and smoking. I also was part of our school's wellness/nature committee and I put together a walking trail for students and staff to use throughout the year. We kept track of how many miles we walked and plot it out on a huge USA map in the hallway. It's a great incentive for the kids.

There are tons of other fun things we did throughout the year, but those are just to name a few.

I have attached some photos of our health fair.

Emily Schulz 1

Emily Schulz 2

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