PPST (Praxis I)

For information on both the PPST (Praxis I) and Praxis II tests, visit the Educational Testing Service (ETS) site. Click on PRAXIS for information about registration and test preparation. An additional source for test preparation is the UW Oshkosh Reading Study Center.


Praxis I — Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST)

Which tests are required in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires the PPST in Reading, Writing and Math for students' admission to teacher preparation programs. The required tests are:


When do I take the PPST?

It is recommended that this test be taken during the second semester of your freshman year. Failure to take this test and receive passing scores will delay your eligibility to apply to the College of Education and Human Services.

Passing scores on the PPST are a prerequisite for students applying to the College of Education and Human Services. Special Education or Dual (Elementary/Special Education) students apply to the College of Education and Human Services  the semester prior to admission to Initial Practicum. Students must have passing scores on the PPST prior to Initial Practicum.

How do I schedule to take the test?

The PPST is offered as a computer-based test or paper/pencil test.

Computer Based Testing
PPST is offered as a computer based test through Testing Services, Polk Library, Room 3, (920) 424-1433. Contact Testing Services to schedule an appointment. You may also register for this test online at www.ets.org/praxis. Official scores will be mailed to you in approximately 3 weeks. 

Paper/Pencil Test
The paper/pencil test is only offered as a written test through Testing Services, Polk Library, Room 3. Check with Testing Services for testing dates.

Special Registration Options: Please read the registration bulletin if your primary language is not English or if you have a disability. Non-standard testing accommodations are available to test takers who meet ETS requirements. See the ETS website.

When will I receive my scores?

Scores for the paper/pencil test will be mailed out approximately 4 weeks after the test is taken. Computer-based test scores are mailed out approximately 2-3 weeks after the test is taken.

Do I have to retake the PPST if I don't pass?

Students must retake parts of the PPST for which passing scores have not been met. You may take the computerized PPST only once per calendar month, and no more than six times within a 12-month period. Students must pass all sections of the PPST or meet the exceptions policy prior to application to the College of Education and Human Services.

Exceptions policy: To be considered for the DPI allowable 10% exceptions, an undergraduate student must meet ALL four requirements listed below:

  1. Pass two parts of the test

  2. Miss the third part by no more than three points

  3. Take the part of the test not passed at least three times

  4. Earn a 2.75 cumulative GPA

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