2012-13 Scholarships for Special Education Department Students

The following scholarships and awards are available for the 2012-13 Academic Year. 

Please note that there are specific criteria for each.  Applications and references (if required) are due by February 24, 2012 in the Special Education Office, NE 405.

Andrews’ Family Outstanding SCEC Service Award—No application available.  Will be awarded to a Special Education major who is an active participant in SCEC and has demonstrated outstanding service to both SCEC and the Special Education Department.  Additional experience working with special needs children will be considered.

Dr. Mary Drecktrah Special Education Scholarship—$1,500— Click here for Drecktrah application. 
This scholarship is for undergraduate Special Education majors who have earned 60 or more credits with a 3.5 GPA or better and have at least one semester remaining before graduation. Must be an active member of the Student Council for Exceptional Children. Additional criteria will be considered.  This scholarship has been established in memory of Mary Drecktrah, whose career spanned more than 34 years, Mary was an elementary teacher, reading specialist, elementary special education teacher, curriculum coordinator, school assistant principal and principal and special education professor.

Dr. Craig Fiedler Special Education Scholarship—2 scholarships at $500—Click here for Fiedler application.  This scholarship is open to any special education undergraduate or graduate student and is intended to recognize those who have demonstrated substantial commitment to advocacy in support of individuals with disabilities through personal interactions, professional activities, educational pursuits, and leadership roles. This scholarship is in honor of the significant contributions made by Dr. Craig Fiedler to the field of special education, the Department of Special Education, and the university community.  His commitment to individuals with disabilities has been demonstrated as a parent, teacher, advocate, and administrator.  

Betty Griesbach Scholarship—2 scholarships available (between $3,000 each)—Click here for Griesbach application.  This scholarship is for Special Education majors who are full-time undergraduates who have achieved junior or senior status before receiving the scholarship award or part- or full-time graduate students.  Preference will be given to women over 30 years old with family responsibilities.  Financial need and intentions to pursue a career as a special education classroom teacher as opposed to a school administrator are given consideration.  This scholarship was established in the memory of Betty Griesbach.  She was a graduate in special education in 1974 and taught in Brandon until her retirement in 1989.

Leonardi Scholarship—$200—
Click here for Leonardi application.  This scholarship is awarded to a UW Oshkosh Special Education student who has at least 60 semester credits as of September ‘11 applicable to the major.  Strong academic performance and experiences in working with disabilities are primary.  Financial need is not a consideration.  The Leonardi’s are the parents of a former Department member, Professor Emeritus Lois Pence.  They funded a scholarship because of their strong beliefs in the career chosen by their daughter.

Carla Roberts Scholarship—$500—Click here for Roberts application.  This scholarship is for full- or part-time undergraduate Special Education majors enrolled at the UW Oshkosh for at least six credits at time of application and time of award disbursement who has met Admission I requirements.  Applicant must be a single parent, male or female, with physical placement of their child/children at least 40 percent of the time. Financial need is a consideration and is determined by the student completing the form currently used by the University to determine allocation of federal and state grants and loans.  Carla Roberts is a nontraditional 2008 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh graduate with a degree in special education. She completed the program with honors while struggling financially as a single parent of two young sons. After receiving scholarships herself, she made a promise that she would not forget the kindness, but pay it forward with a scholarship of her own.

Talarek Family Scholarship—2 scholarships at $2,000 each—Click here for Talarek application.  This scholarship is for full-time Special Education majors who have successfully completed Sophomore Practicum.  Financial need is a consideration and is determined by the student completing the form currently used by the University to determine allocation of federal and state grants and loans.  Mr.Talarek, a 1962 alumnus and former special education teacher, established this scholarship in memory of his parents, Sigmund and Johanna Witczak Talarek.

Dr. Harold Thorpe Award for Outstanding Senior in Special Education—$100—Nominated by the Department.  No application available.  This award is provided by Dr. Harold Thorpe.  Dr. Thorpe was Department chair from 1985-87.  He was a Rosebush Scholar and Distinguished Teacher.  Both of these awards recognize excellence.

Dr. Theodore Whiting Scholarship—$1,000—Click here for the Whiting applicationDr. Whiting served in a variety of position during his 28 years at UW Oshkosh.  He served as the Director of the Mental Retardation Program.  He worked to develop and served as the coordinator of the Special Education Sophomore Practicum, one of the first such programs developed in the nation.  He was also Chairman of the Special Education Department for many years. 


Mary E. Willey Education Scholarship—$500—Click here for the Willey application.  Ms. Willey was a 1939 alumna of the College of Education.  Ms. Willey valued the education that she attained through UW Oshkosh and wanted to encourage others pursing the teaching field by providing a scholarship to assist with their education.  You must be a junior to receive this scholarship.


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