Faculty Expertise

The Department of Special Education faculty represents a group of diverse educators with wide ranging areas of expertise. Special Education faculty are available to confer with students who have questions specific to topical areas.

Dr. Louis Chicquette - Early Childhood Education, Collaboration, Leadership, School Improvement, Early Literacy, and General Education Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Denise Clark
- Severe Disabilities, Literacy, Family Advocacy

Dr. Susan Finkel-Hoffman  - Early Childhood Special Education, Family Communication and Partnership, Program Development, Team Collaboration, Professional Development Plans

Dr. Tom Fischer -  Special Education Technology, Functional Behavioral Assessment, Learning Disabilities and Mathematics

Dr. Flo Muwana - Access to General Education Curriculum, Inclusion, Teaming and Collaboration, and Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Dr. Stacey Skoning - Inclusion, Effective Instructional Strategies, Behavior Management, Cross-categorical Support

Dr. Teri Wegner - Transition, Post-secondary Education, Learning Disabilities and Co-occurring Diagnoses, Self-determination of Individuals with Disabilities



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