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Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate

The Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate program addresses the strong need for developing expertise related to educating and supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorders, a classification that includes:

  • Autism

  • Asperger’s disorder

  • Rett’s disorder

  • Childhood disintegrative disorder

  • Pervasive developmental disorder–not otherwise specified

Program participants will learn characteristics, issues, teaching methods, behavior management techniques and technology applications in working with students with autism spectrum disorders.

This certificate program is for teachers (both graduates and non-graduates of UW Oshkosh), as well as paraprofessionals, other school personnel, parents and family members, and service providers.

The 19-credit program includes taking four existing special education licensure courses (353/553, 381/581, 406/606 and 463/663 or 481/681), two new courses specific to autism (473/673 and 474/674, offered in hybrid format with online and on-campus components) and a field experience working with students with autism (475/675).


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