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Undergraduate - Teaching and Learning

All licensure programs are approved by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Prospective Students

For general information regarding the undergraduate Professional Education Program (PEP), major and minors, admission preparation, and steps to licensure.

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Regular Education

  • Early Childhood–Middle Childhood (birth–age 11)

  • Middle Childhood–Early Adolescence (age 6–approx. 12–13)


Regular Education

  • Early Adolescence–Adolescence (age 10–21) OR Early Childhood–Adolescence (birth–age 21) in Art, ESL, Foreign Languages, Music or Physical Education

SpecialColored Pencils

Cross Categorical

  • Middle Childhood–Early Adolescence (age 6–approx. 12–13) AND/OR Early Adolescence–Adolescence (age 10-21)


  • Early Childhood–Middle Childhood Regular Education (birth–age 11) with Early Childhood Special Education (birth–age 8)

  • Middle Childhood–Early Adolescence Regular Education (age 6–approx. 12–13) with Middle Childhood Early Adolescence–Special Education Cross Categorical (age 6–approx. 12–13)

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