Clinical Community B

Clinical Community B is a very important part of the program for elementary and dual elementary/special education majors. During this experience, the students demonstrate significant growth as caring intellectuals and as teachers who exhibit the knowledge, skills and dispositions of the 10 Wisconsin Teaching Standards. 

Clinical Community B is a semester in which students complete methods courses in mathematics, science and social studies, while completing a clinical experience in an elementary (K-5) classroom. Students also participate in an orientation to the program and seven half-day, large group seminars focusing on classroom management strategies and meeting the needs of all learners. The classroom  management seminars introduce different approaches and models for fostering a positive classroom environment, procedures and routines to make classrooms ready for learning, and strategies for dealing with misbehavior and promoting pro-social behavior.

In the methods courses, students study theories, standards, curriculum, and instructional and assessment strategies for mathematics, science and social studies. They also learn to create lessons and unit plans for teaching these subjects in their clinical placements.

The clinical experience requires students to observe and assist an elementary teacher one and one-half days a week for approximately eight weeks of the semester. During  these times, students learn about classroom routines, teaching responsibilities, the needs of elementary learners, and the teaching of mathematics, science, and social studies through observations and discussions with their cooperating teachers. They also often lead classroom routines, work with individuals and small groups of learners, and may lead curricular activities.

One of the most rewarding and challenging aspects of the semester  for students is teaching their mathematics, science, and social studies lessons and units and assessing the success of their teaching for children's learning.  About the 10th week of the semester, students devote five full days to their clinical placement teaching a science unit and another full week during the 13th week of the semester teaching mathematics lessons  and a social studies unit.

Over the course of the semester, students grow considerably in their ability to plan, teach, reflect on and improve their  teaching. At the end of Clinical Community B, a majority of students have developed many qualities of a caring intellectual, grown in the knowledge, skills and dispositions of the 10 Wisconsin Teaching Standards, and are  well-prepared for student teaching.


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