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Undergraduate - Curriculum and Instruction

All licensure programs are approved by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Prospective Students

For general information regarding the undergraduate Curriculum & Education program, major and minors, admission preparation, and steps to licensure.

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Regular Education

  • Early Childhood–Middle Childhood (birth–age 11)

  • Middle Childhood–Early Adolescence (age 6–approx. 12–13)


Regular Education

  • Early Adolescence–Adolescence (age 10–21) OR Early Childhood–Adolescence (birth–age 21) in Art, ESL, Foreign Languages, Music or Physical Education

SpecialColored Pencils

Cross Categorical

  • Middle Childhood–Early Adolescence (age 6–approx. 12–13) AND/OR Early Adolescence–Adolescence (age 10-21)


  • Early Childhood–Middle Childhood Regular Education (birth–age 11) with Early Childhood Special Education (birth–age 8)

  • Middle Childhood–Early Adolescence Regular Education (age 6–approx. 12–13) with Middle Childhood Early Adolescence–Special Education Cross Categorical (age 6–approx. 12–13)

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