Required Core Courses

The following are required core courses for a Master of Science in Education degree for new students admitted after Fall 2010:

Elem Ed/Sec Ed 705 - Curriculum Planning and Differentiating for Instruction (3 credits)

Students pursuing the MSE: C&I take this course as early as possible in the program, as it serves to focus the candidate's MSE studies and research. This course also serves as a foundation for conceptualizing one's teaching and making theory to practice applications in one's own classroom.

Elem Ed/Sec Ed 716 - Issues in PK-12 Education (3 credits)

This course examines current critical issues in education on the local, state, national and international levels, with particular reference to early childhood, elementary, middle and high schools. This course may be repeated twice after 10-year intervals.


Educational Foundations 770 - Foundations of Educational Research ( 3 credits).

Introduction to concepts, tools and procedures essential for planning and conducting research in education and related fields. Prepare a research proposal and organize a research report. Emphasis is given to the interpretation and analysis of research literature topics, but only three credits may be applied toward a degree.


Elem Ed/Sec Ed 791 - Improving Classroom Practice (6 credits over 2 semesters)

Class participants will study readings about action research and analyze reports of completed action research projects. Participants will develop and carry out individual or collaborative projects in their schools which focus on the improvement of their practice, their understanding of their practice, or the situations in which they work. Class readings will include information about action research, examples of research studies conducted by teachers and other school practitioners, and readings focusing on the major areas addressed by the research projects. The course may be repeated over multiple semesters for a maximum of six credits.

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