Elem Ed / Sec Ed 715 Current Trends in Curriculum and Instruction: Learning in a Connected World


Instructor: Eric Brunsell (brunsele@uwosh.edu)
Dates: June 13 – August 5
Credits: 3
Cost: $825  ($275 per credit)

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Elem Ed 715
Section 091D
Class Number 80587

Sec Ed 715
Section 091D
Class Number 80479

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Online social technologies have transformed the way that we connect and communicate. In this course, students will investigate the implications of these changes for teaching and learning, conceptualize their understanding of professional and personal learning in a connected world, and explore potential pedagogical impacts for the classroom. This course also provides students with a grounding in “Web 2.0” tools which will support teaching and learning in the classroom.

The course is delivered fully online and will use multiple delivery platforms.  The online nature of this course provides flexibility during a busy summer. Course content is divided into three themes: (1) Open exploration of web tools and classroom applications; (2) Development of an online professional learning network; and (3) Discussion of how web-based social interactions are changing the world of learning.



The Culture of Learning

Professional Learning

Web Tools, Exploration and Classroom Applications

6/13 - 6/19  
Introducing the changing technological landscape
6/20 – 7/03 Changing Paradigms Professional Networks  Collect – Web tools and resources for accessing, collecting, and assessing information
7/05 – 7/17  Collective Learning Online Professional Communities  Create – Web tools for expressing, sharing, and celebrating ideas
7/17 – 7/31 A New Culture of Learning  Web-based Professional Development  Connect – Web tools for breaking down the classroom walls
8/1 – 8/05  Embracing Change    


This course can be taken independently, or as part of the online MSE in Curriculum & Instruction / Teaching 2.0 Emphasis.

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