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MaryBeth PeteschMaryBeth Petesch

Office: N/E 114

E-mail: petesch@uwosh.edu

Phone: (920) 424-0465


My degree in resource management, biology and environmental education was put to use at Boscobel High School where I was hired late in the first quarter for a physical science/biology position. I stayed there for two years before working on a health degree/license at UW-Madison.

In 1983, I was hired to teach biology and sixth grade science in West Germany at the Frankfurt International School. I loved the school, children and the adventure working in Central Europe provided. I stayed well beyond my 2-year contract and returned home in 1991 to work on a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Science Education at UW-Madison.

During my graduate program, I worked as a teaching assistant supervising student teachers in secondary science. After moving to Oshkosh, I worked in a similar capacity and also taught environmental education for the Biology department as well as elementary science methods in the C & I department. For 3 years, I directed the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program for the College of Letters and Science. In1999, I was hired as the Director of Field Experience, where I currently continue to serve the college.





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