Teacher Candidate

Student Teaching is the Capstone experience for the teacher candidate. Student teachers are provided placements that correlate with their intended teacher license. 

Cooperating Teachers 

The cooperating teacher is an integral part of UW Oshkosh's Professional Education Program and strategic to the development of each student in the program. The role entails gradually introducing the college student into the lead teacher role for a particular class or subject in areas such as classroom management, instruction and assessment as well as to the “bigger picture” of being a teacher.

Cooperating teachers working with student teachers from UW Oshkosh must meet the following Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction code requirements 34.15(6):

  • hold a regular Wisconsin license or its equivalent for the teaching assignment
  • have at least three years of teaching experience with at least one year of teaching experience in the school system of current employment
  • have completed a course or seminar in supervision of student teachers. Please proceed to the Training Options link for the course information.

University Supervisor 

The university supervisor has developed a syllabus for the student teaching course and seminar course that outlines performance expectations for their student teacher. This professional is the performance assessment expert and will evaluate how the candidate responds to their teaching opportunities and expectations.

UW Oshkosh supervisors visit the student in their placements several times during the course of the field experience to observe and evaluate the student’s performance. This professional also facilitates Triad Meetings with the cooperating teacher and student to ensure open communication regarding university and DPI expectations. 
Each University Supervisor facilitates small group seminar meetings on a periodic basis during the student teaching semester. This is an opportunity for candidates to discuss, in a supportive and focused environment, successes, failures, licensure questions and other issues that emerge during the course of their capstone field experience. The University Supervisor assigns final grades for both the student teaching performance (Pass/Fail) and for the accompanying seminar (letter grade). 
A strong professional relationship between a student teacher and Supervisor is strategic to the student’s growth and development as a professional educator. 
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Cooperating Teachers

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