Urban or Tribal Student Teaching

Institute for Urban Education - Student Teaching in Milwaukee 


Students interested in applying for a student teaching placement in an urban or tribal setting need to meet the certain eligibility requirements:

  • GPA: Combined 3.10, Major and/or minor 3.10, and Professional 3.25
  • Have departmental approval
  • Additional fee required for this experience

 Participating urban districts are Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Beloit.  The Oneida and Menominee Nation schools are part of the tribal option. 

Note:  Students applying to student teach in Milwaukee will become part of a cohort group called the Institute for Urban Education (IUE).


Application process:

  • Meet Admission to Student Teaching requirements
  • Complete a regular student teaching application and indicate your interest on the “special request” line for an Urban or Tribal Field Experience.
  • Complete the Urban/Tribal Student Teaching Application or Institute for Urban Education applicaiton
  • Read at least two of these books recommended by professors involved in urban or tribal education: The Dreamkeepers by Gloria Ladson-Billings, A White Teacher Talks About Race by Julie Landsman, Other People’s Children by Lisa Delpit, Teaching Urban Learners by Gwendolyn Cartledge.
  • Complete two reports and at least one urban school visit by the respective deadlines (see below).

Report #1: Attach to your application and provide on the due date (March 1/Oct 1).

Two - three pages based upon these points:

  • Research on the district and/or tribe associated with your placement.  Examine diversity data, socioeconomic demographics, mission statement, special schools and programs, etc.
  • Challenges you foresee and expectations for yourself in this type of setting.  Include description of past experiences in urban/tribal educational settings.
  • Professional goals for student teaching in this setting.  
  • Include the date, site, and contact person for your planned full-day visit to an urban/tribal school for Report #2.

Report #2: Send electronically to the Director of Field Experiences and the Director of IUE by the end of May/Dec. 

If not feasible, the last possible due date is Orientation Seminar (August/January). 

Write about your visit to an urban/tribal school:

  • One full day spent in an urban/tribal school that is the same level as your future placement.  (It is strongly recommended to visit ASAP after application to solidify your commitment to the urban environment.)   


A. Please state school, address, teacher(s), and principal. 

B. Discuss your observations on:

  1. Classroom arrangements – use of space and time
  2. Dynamics of the relationships between pupils and teachers, between various professionals
  3. Support structures or resources available to students
  4. Differences between this setting and a non-urban classroom
  5. The local neighborhood


 C. An interview with an urban/tribal teacher about their professional perspectives, challenges and tips for being a successful teacher in this environment. 

  1. A minimum of five interview questions is required to help gain insights into their practice. 
  2. Include name of teacher, interview questions, their answers.
  3. Your thoughts on the experience; surprises, changed perspectives, how it has helped prepare you for an urban or tribal student teaching placement.

Please note that this report should address all points outlined above and be professionally presented.

Expectations during placement:

  • Attend on-campus UW Oshkosh large group seminars, including edTPA seminars (Mock Interviews are optional).
  • Have a discussion with your supervisor about small group seminar expectations.
  • Be flexible, resilient and willing to learn.  Take pride in the positive impact you can make, albeit often small, in your students’ lives.

Good luck!



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