Internships are essentially paid student teaching placements that have been arranged by the respective school district with approval by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The Wisconsin Improvement Program (WIP) within DPI monitors and sponsors the internship program for the state of Wisconsin. Each teacher education institution has a liaison to WIP. The field experience director, serves in this capacity for UW Oshkosh.

Students interested in an internship complete a separate internship application that is collected in the Office of Field Experiences following attendance at a general candidates information meeting provided in mid-Sept/Feb. A list of available Wisconsin internships is posted on the bulletin board outside the education offices N/E 113.

To be considered for a semester-long internship, an applicant must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  1. Be enrolled in or have completed all undergraduate coursework prior to student teaching

  2. Have a positive clinical experience recommendation without any noted deficiencies

  3. Have minimum GPAs of: 3.50 professional, 3.10 major, 3.10 minor and 3.10 cumulative

  4. Pass all necessary Praxis II exams

  5. Receive faculty and departmental approval

Please note that interns cannot take ANY course work during an internship.

Interns are responsible for paying the state’s Wisconsin Improvement Program fee of $200. They also purchase a $50 online intern license from the Department of Public Instruction. The director of Field Experiences will facilitate the process at a separate intern meeting. If an intern accepts a position outside of the COEHS Service Region, the $750 out of area fee will apply.

For more detailed information about the internship program, go to the Wisconsin Improvement Program website and review the handbook. This document will outline expectations, salary, etc.

Internship Application Process Timeline


  • Wisconsin teaching internships with DPI approved designs are posted on COEHS bulletin board outside of N/E 113 (All year)

  • Information Meeting for all student teachers describing requirements and general information about internships (mid Feb/mid Sept). Available as a sign-out application in the Office of Field Experience (N/E 113)

  • Student application due March 1/October 1 (Let’s call this WEEK 1.) Clinical evaluations will be included in application packet.

  • (WEEK 2-4) Submit letters of support. Current GPA’s and transcripts checked. Application materials and candidate’s competency is reviewed. COEHS faculty polled on each candidate’s preparedness and qualifications. Passing Praxis II scores must be on file.

  • (WEEK 5-7) Briefing meeting with Director of Field Experiences. Wisconsin Improvement Program is explained. Students are evaluated on paperwork, process and interpersonal skills. Sample education interview questions will be practiced. Students express interest in particular internships; questions are fielded.

  • (WEEK 7-9) Eligible candidates’ application packets are sent to a maximum of two school districts.

  • (WEEK 9-?) District interviews are held with candidates. Interns are hired and placements verified.

Process for New Interns:

  • Letters of verification are sent to future interns about WIP fee ($200 check) and Wisconsin intern license ($50). (End of semester prior to internship.)

  • Interns meet with the FE Director on Orientation day (early Jan/August). Fees are collected. Policies and procedures are explained. On line license applications are completed. Lunch is served!

  • A complimentary “new teacher” resource book is provided.

  • Professional development funds ($225) are available for each intern during the semester they are employed and must be approved by the respective district.

  • A follow-up meeting with the FE Director is held in conjunction with one of the Large Group Seminars. Progress and challenges are shared, resource book and topical issues discussed.


1. If candidate is not selected for an internship, student teaching placements are procured.

2. Elementary Ed students’ minor placements at the middle level are waived if the internship is at the elementary level and vice versa.

3. Special Education licenses are provided only for the level of the internship; hence the MC -A (grades 1-12) license is not feasible for interns

4. All internships are a full semester

5. The local union signs off on the internship.

6. Interns are paid $4,500 minus taxes, no benefits.

7. Interns will be administratively registered for a special intern course number.


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