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Pre-Student Teaching Experiences 

Elementary Clinical Community B

In elementary clinical, students are expected to:

  • begin their clinical experience the third week of the semester and complete it the 13th week of the semester
  • observe and assist in an elementary (K-5) classroom for 9-10 weeks, for one and one-half to two full days each week
  • lead classroom routines, work with individuals and small groups of learners, and, if possible,   lead curricular activities during observations/assistance days
  • complete math, science, and social studies methods courses concurrently
  • prepare and teach science, social studies, and math lesson plans and units during two full, non-consecutive weeks in their clinical placement (usually weeks seven and 13)
  • engage in conferences with their university supervisor and cooperating teacher to reflect on their teaching and the children’s learning
  • complete classroom management seminars concurrently
  • observe their cooperating teachers’ classroom management strategies and apply strategies from the seminars in their clinical placement, as appropriate
  • complete their admission to student teaching stage of their Professional Education Portfolio


General Expectations for Secondary Clinical

Secondary education majors require a pre-student teaching field experience to observe and practice pedagogical skills.

Students are expected to:

  • Spend a minimum of 56 hours working and observing in a secondary classroom (one morning class each day for 12 weeks or a commensurate schedule).
  • Begin mid-February/September. Take responsibility for any schedule changes or adaptations to fulfill the 56 hour requirement.
  • Teach for small groups of students, perform mini lessons and whole class instruction whenever possible.
  • Develop a relevant content unit
  • Teach part or all of the content unit when feasible.
Secondary Clinical Procedures Video
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Clinical Field Experience Content Areas:

  • Physical Education Clinical::
    • 56 hour clinical
    • 4-5 hours per week in the public schools (arranged by department)
    • Students are expected to co-teach/teach with the cooperating teacher throughout the semester.  
    • Students gradually increase their teaching independence as the semester progresses so that by the end of the semester they are teaching classes entirely on their own.
  • Music
Clinical students in choral, instrumental, and general music spend 56 hours or more at the school observing, planning, and/or teaching during one university semester.  They teach in class several times, developing upon prior course-based field teaching.  Clinical students video record themselves teaching at least once for self assessment, and the university supervisor observes at least twice.  Students with adequate strength and readiness may prepare, rehearse, and lead a piece on a concert or program. They participate in field seminar with other music students in field experiences.
  • Art
  • ESL/Bilingual 

Special Education Practica


  • Initial Practicum
  • Advanced Practicum



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