Module #2: The Job of Supervising

Step One

Download, and save, the Documentation: The Job of Supervising to your computer.

Step Two

One of the interesting aspects of being a supervisor is the amount of self-analysis you are afforded when having a ST in your classroom. You may find yourself reflecting on everything from what your experience has taught you, to strategies you no longer use, to wondering if you modeled that irritating habit your ST has developed.

On the documentation form, you have four choices of Personal Reflections. You are required to complete at least two of them; however, feel free to do more if you would like. Hopefully, through these exercises, you will begin to define and understand who you are as a cooperating teacher as well as your particular expectations for a student teacher.

Step Three

Complete the Readings "5,3,1"  portion of the Module #2 documentation form.

Step Four

Submit the documentation and the Commitment Form - Word or Commitment Form - PDF to Penny Buckley.

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