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Field Placement Directory

As a reminder, the Field Placement Site Directory is a catalog of  placement options. Placement is arranged by the Human Services Leadership Field Placement Office. Students are not to contact the agencies directly.

To access the Field Placement Site Database, please follow these directions:
1)    Click on the link below which will take you to the Filemaker Database log in.
2)    Type in the Account name:  hs-student
3)    Type in the Password:   hs-student10
4)    Select “Log In”

Field Placement Directory 

To view the placement site information:

  1. The directory will, by default, be in the list view when the database is first opened.

  2. You may click on the arrows next to the indicated pages at the bottom of the page (example 1/5, 2/5, etc) to see all of the listings alphabetically shown.

  3. To view an individual record in full detail form, click on a particular listing.

  4. You may also use the arrows in the “Showing Record” box at the top of the page to move through the directory by looking at the full record of each listing.

  5. To return to the list, select “List Agencies”.

To search by agency name or category:

  1. Select the “Search” button to search by agency name, city, category (drop-down), non-profit or availability of hours (check boxes). You can also search by using multiple categories such as city and availability, city and category, category and non-profit, etc.

  2. Select “Perform Find” at the top or bottom of the page after selecting your search method.

To view each of the records in a search by category (for example if you searched by senior citizens):

  1. Click on the record of your choice to see more details of the record.

  2. You may also select “Browse” to move through each record of the search in detailed form.

  3. After viewing in the record form click “List Agencies” to return to the list view of your current search. 

General Information:

  1. Select “Show All” to see the list view of all of the records in the directory.

  2. Choose “Search” to search again. 

  3. An individual record may be printed by selecting “Printer Friendly”. After printing a record select “Return to Records” to return to the record in its regular form. 

  4. To leave the directory, simply select “Log Out” which is located at the top of the page.

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