We are always happy to help you answer your program questions. The Program Coordinator, Dr. Karen Gibson, advises all program students. Email her at   Please review the website first to see if the answer is already posted. For help with your registration questions, continue scrolling down this page.


Getting Started

At the beginning of your program you need to take EdL 701, Introduction to Educational Leadership. In this class we will discuss program options, look to the future, and plan your program. We will also discuss graduate expectations and paperwork including your portfolio. This class is offered every-other-semester so be sure to take it EARLY in your program. You can take the class either before or after you apply to the program. You can also take a class or two before you apply to the program to be sure graduate school is for you.

Note:  Principal Licensure Candidates do not take EdL 701.


To view classes offered each semester, you will log in to TitanWeb as a guest. 

Additional useful documents include:


On-campus semesters start approximately September 1, February 1, June 15


Acceptance letter

When you are officially accepted into the MS  Educational Leadership program or Certificate program, you will receive a letter from the Graduate Studies Office.  It includes your student ID number and more. With your ID number you can easily register for classes.  This letter contains important information so read it carefully and retain a copy in your files.


Please be sure to read your university email at least once per week. Email, using your university email address, is the only way many important university messages are sent. Also, when professors send email messages to the entire class they will use your university email.

Want to know what text books you will need?

Textbook Requirements have been posted online since December 1, 2008.

Students and instructors can view the textbooks adopted for their classes through the "TEXTBOOKS" tab on the bookstore's website at


Classes Requiring Approval

Approval is typically required for some classes. Thesis registration is open only to students who have filed an approved thesis proposal with the Office of Graduate Studies and have been admitted to Candidacy.  Practicum is typically reserved for library/media students working on their 902 initial license. Internship is for those students who wish to gain field experience in an area in which they are not currently employed. Independent study is for areas in which we do not offer course work. If you need to be registered for any of these classes, contact our department program assistant, Mary Bartelt (, 920-424-0339)

Independent Study

Independent study registration requires the filing of an Independent Study Contract Form and development of objectives, activities and outcomes for the class. You may select a 1, 2, or 3 credit experience. Up to 6 credits of independent study may be applied to your degree. Each credit hour of independent study course work should equal 50 hours of effort. You should meet with the Program Coordinator or class instructor the semester before your independent study to take care of the planning details. You can find the independent study contract form on the Office of Graduate Studies Forms and Policies page

Transfer of Credits

Transfer credit is course credit earned at another institution that is accepted into your program here. Credit earned prior to program admission will be evaluated at the time of admission. Students who have been admitted to the graduate program and wish to take course work at another institution should enroll as a Guest Matriculate at that institution and secure prior approval from the Program Coordinator if you hope to apply these credits to your program. At the conclusion of the course you will need to have an official transcript sent to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Criteria for Accepting Graduate Credits
As per Office of Graduate Studies policy (see Graduate Bulletin ), up to nine credits may be transferred into the Master of Science Educational Leadership program. Credits earned prior to being accepted into the program will be evaluated when you apply. Decisions on those credits will then be indicated on your acceptance form.

Criteria for accepting credits include:

  • The course instructor is a regular graduate faculty member of an accredited institution, or the instructor has the qualifications comparable to regular graduate faculty and has the approval as an adjunct faculty member at the transfer institution.

  • The course is acceptable in a graduate degree program at the transfer institution.

  • The course syllabus is available with objectives, evaluation methods, and bibliography.

  • The course has formal meeting times and complies with the normal rule of no more than one course credit earned per week and 14 contact hours (60 minutes each) per semester credit.

  • The course is offered at a location close to a university (professional) library.

  • The academic program and/or institution are appropriately accredited.

  • The seven-year time limit is applicable for all courses to be part of a master's degree.

  • Independent study, seminars and workshops are generally not acceptable as transfer credits.


Middle of Program

Submit your Admission to Candidacy form (between 9 and 21 credits). — see Grad Studies, Forms page

On the Admission to Candidacy form you will list all the courses that will be included in your graduate program. If this includes courses earned from another university, you will list them under transfer courses. Credits must add up to 30.

You will need to indicate which Culminating Experience you are selecting. Choose either Capstone Seminar (most do this) or Thesis (see below for details) depending upon whether you will be taking Seminar or writing a thesis. This is an MS degree and the program is Educational Leadership.

Once you have the form completed, return it to the Program Coordinator. Once signed by all parties, a copy will be returned to you. It becomes the official document listing all the courses that will be required for graduation.

End of Program 

Prior to graduation, additional paperwork is required.  If you have made changes in your program since you filed your Admission to Candidacy form, you will need to complete a Program Modification form. On this form you will indicate which class(es) you are deleting from your Admission to Candidacy form and which ones are being added. Remember, core classes are required, emphasis area classes are your choice and should help you gain the expertise you are seeking.

You will also need to file an Application to Graduate. This is often completed in Seminar but may be done ahead of time. It must be completed by the end of the fourth week of the spring/fall semester or the first week of the summer session in which graduation is intended. This form does not require the Program Coordinator signature and is submitted directly to the Office of Graduate Studies.

In the event that your program has taken longer than 7 years to complete, you will need to complete a Time to Degree Completion Extension Request. Each course in your program runs on its own 7 year timeline so if you transferred one or more classes into your program, you might run into time challenges. Complete the form if this happens.

If you have taken a course at a university other than UW Oshkosh and wish those credits to be applied to your graduate program, you must submit an official transcript from that university to the Office of Graduate Studies.

All of these forms can be found on the Office of Graduate Studies forms page.

Graduation Application and Verification
The graduation/completion application is on the web at

Once you submit your application you will receive an immediate thank-you message (after a security verification) in your browser window. This is your confirmation that your application has been sent to the Graduate Studies office.
Check the unofficial graduate graduation/completion list on the web for the listing of your name, program and conferral designation.  GradStudies should send you the link when the list is posted, around mid-semester.  Check for accuracy and contact the Graduate Studies office if you have any corrections or comments about your listing.  You will get information separately via your campus email account from the Commencement office about preparations for and participating in graduation.
Lastly, feel free to contact your Program Coordinator or the Graduate Studies office (, 920-424-1223) if you have any questions about applying to graduate/complete your degree, GAP or certificate.


Thesis Details

While most students don't wish to write a thesis, some do and it is an option open to you. Here are some details. 

If you are writing a Thesis, your proposal must be filed by mid-term of the semester prior to graduation. The thesis itself must be filed by the end of the 14-week semester or the end of the summer session in which you intend to graduate. If you are planning to conduct a research project involving data collection from people, your project must be reviewed by the University's Institutional Review Board for Protection of Human Participants (IRB) to determine if adequate measures are being used to protect those individuals participating in your study. All research projects must be reviewed by the IRB. No research project is exempt from review. You will also need to submit your electronic portfolio for review prior to graduation. Other thesis and Human Subject details follow.

You select a committee chair and two graduate faculty designated to advise theses, and submit a proposal to the faculty members briefly describing what is proposed and how it will be accomplished.   (Forms are available in the Office of Graduate Studies or online.) The thesis committee reviews the proposal, assigns the number of credits to be earned for the thesis (1 to 6 credits), and indicates its approval or rejection.   Five (5) copies are forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval. According to University policy, proposals are to be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies by mid-term of the term preceding the term in which you expect to graduate.   A thesis is formal written work and should follow the standards as established in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Graduate Thesis Requirements book (available in the Office of Graduate Studies). Registration requires signatures of advisor and program coordinator.

The degree candidate will defend the thesis in an open, public oral examination. The members of the thesis committee will conduct the examination.

Format approval must be obtained on the complete draft thesis which must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies at least three weeks prior to commencement during the academic year and by July 15 for summer session graduation. The format approval is verification that the paper meets the requirements for style and form. Contact the Office of Graduate Studies for advice on unusual problems.

Two copies of the completed thesis, bearing the signatures of the members of the thesis committee on the approval page, must be approved by the Office of Graduate Studies by the end of the 14th week of the semester in which the student intends to graduate (by the end of the 8th week of a summer session). The thesis committee is responsible for attesting to the quality, accuracy, and content of the work.

A binding fee will be charged at the time the student deposits the thesis in the Office of Graduate Studies; a check payable to the bindery must be sent with the thesis. Mailing and wrapping fees will also be paid at this time by the student.

Persons unable to meet these deadlines will be considered for graduation the next term.'


Human Subjects and IRB

An IRB is required for all proposed research that involves

  1. Intervention or interaction with human subjects

  2. Collection of identifiable private data on living individuals and/or

  3. Data analysis of identifiable private information on living individuals.

The Office of Grants and Faculty Development website provides detailed information about the IRB.  Consult Dr. Gibson, Program Coordinator, prior to beginning research.


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