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2013 Conference Presentation Materials

Apps for Autism

Tom Fischer 

College and Career Readiness: Self-determination Skills and Social and Behavioral Skills

Hyun-Ju Kang and Sujata Datar

Connecting Common Core Standards and IEPs: Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

Barbara Van Haren, Nissan Bar-Lev  

Developing Literacy through Music-based Instruction

Kathy Schumacher 


Enhance Your Juggling Ability and Maintain Sanity in Your Classroom!

John Herod

Evidence Based Practices for All Students: Response to Intervention and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Hyun-Ju Kang and Jihyun Lee

Incorporate All Four Language Domains in Your Classroom: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

Katie Hanna, Amy Buffington and Melanie Kozlowski

Personalize Learning in the Inclusive Math Classroom

Kim Trendle, Michelle Koenig 

Self Regulation & Stress Management that Promote Independence, Skillful Behavior, and Inclusion 

Daniel Parker 

Sing, Move, and Read With Me

Kathleen Albrecht 

Social Competence in the Inclusive Classroom: What is It, What are Its Implications & How Can We Teach It?

Aaron B. Perzigian  

What Future Teachers Need to Know about the Wisconsin Foundations of Literacy Tests

Mike Ford

Why Read? The Purpose, Process, & Promise of Recreational Reading

LeAnn Morrill 

Universal Design for Learning & Inclusive Instructional Planning 

Cheryl Jorgensen 

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