Presentation Materials

CGI: It Really Works

Pat Schwenke

Corespectation – 21st Centry Mindset

Susan McCallum, Amy Brown and Betsy Fawbush 

Creating High Quality Parent-Caregiver Relationships

Lynn Manfredi/Petit

Culturally Responsive Practices for Special Education Teachers

Hyun Ju Kang

Culturally Relevant Literacy Practices for Students with Significant Disabilities

Saili Kulkarni, Amy Jo Olson, and Carly Roberts

English Language Learners, Special Education and Considerations

Jacqueline A. Iribarren, Ph.D.

Evidence-based behavioral interventions for K-12 students with ASD or EBD

Sunyoung Kim & Min-Chi Yan

Inclusion in Public Education

Jenn Hietpas and Jenn Putzer

Moving Beyond the Two-Minute Hand-offs

Lynn Manfredi/Petit

Our New Connectivity and Why We NEED to Use Social Media in the Classroom

Peter Pendleton

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Susan Dannemiller, Ph.D. 

Powerful Strategies

By Teresa Lien

Promoting Inclusive Practices Via Monitoring State Performance Plan Indicators # 5 and #6

Barbra Kelley

Reading for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities Culturally Relevant and Inclusive Instruction

 Saili Kulkarn, Amy Olson, Carly Roberts

Strategies for Teaching Fractions to Junior High/High School Students Identified with Learning Disabilities

Laura Klescewski, Terri Brauer

Students with Giftedness and/or Learning Challenges in the Regular Ed Classroom and/or Gifted Programs

Becki Hendrick, Courtney Velpel, Dory Witzeling

Teaching Replacement Behaviors

Dennis Meszaros

Temperament A Hidden Wild Card in Healthy Emotional & Social Development of Young Children

Lynn Manfredi/Petit

The Models of Co-Teaching

Kim Trendel, Michelle Koenig

Using Literature to Understand Medically Involved Children

Jennifer Marie Eggert



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