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Planting the Seeds of Inclusion:

Supporting the Growth of All Children


March 5, 2011

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh


Two graduate-level courses are being offered in conjunction with the “Planting the Seeds of Inclusion: Supporting the Growth of All Children” conference in March, 2011. One course will be offered in Early Childhood Education (Elementary Education 715-272, Current Trends in Early Childhood Education). A second course will be offered in Special Education (Special Education 783-271, Current Issues: Supporting All Children). Both courses are one-credit courses and will cost $212.00 per credit. You may register for one or both of these classes. The registration fee, payable by check to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, should be paid on the day of the conference.


Both courses will require your participation in the conference AND additional work on-line, but no additional face-to-face meetings. Those registering for both one-credit courses should complete #4 below.


The course requirements are as follows:

  1. Readings:  In drop box synthesis of attendance at three conference sessions. Read 5 current articles on one session of interest.  Evaluate the journal readings in relation to your personal teaching experiences and perhaps other professional readings.  One to two pages.  Include full citations of the readings.
  2. D2L Discussion board:  Reflect on your attendance at the three sessions and 5 articles.  Six posts.  Respond to others’ posts.
  3. Plan and integrate a teaching idea related to your journal readings in your classroom.  Describe what teaching idea you implemented into your classroom and assess whether it met your objectives.  One to two pages.  Include the sources for this idea.  If you are not teaching, you may develop 5 related activities that you would incorporate into your classroom. Include the sources for this idea. 
  4. For those registering for BOTH one-credit courses, also read 5 current articles on ANOTHER session of interest. Complete an additional #1, #2, and #3 as described above for the second session of interest.

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