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Teacher in Residency Program

The intent of the Teacher in Residency program is to provide each student teacher a true immersion experience in public school teaching. The program promotes intensive practice teaching experience (full semester placements) while incorporating frequent opportunities for reflective dialogue with teachers, administrators and peers regarding best practices.

The concept for the program was initiated by the Appleton Area School District (AASD) superintendent and developed by the UW Oshkosh College of Education and Human Services and AASD administrative staff.  Read more about the program>>

UW Oshkosh student teachers:

  • Engage in weekly reflection/discussion of the teaching experience with peers, cooperating teachers, university supervisors and district administration.

  • Participate in the Continuous School Improvement Process (CSIP) with staff members.

  • Assume paid wrap-around duties (e.g., bus duty) at the schools.

  • Participate in implementation of school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) programs.

  • Work with special needs as well as talented and gifted (TAG) students.

  • Work with diverse ethnic and cultural school populations, including English language leaner (ELL) students.

  • Use current technology in their classroom.


  • Provides administrative support at the district and building level.

  • Supplies high-quality, trained cooperating teachers.

  • Gives ongoing support via relevant seminars and feedback from teachers and the building principal.

  • Offers opportunities for student teachers to take on duties with possible compensation.

  • Provides potential for future teaching positions.

The College of Education and Human Services:

  • Identifies a pool of high quality student teacher applicants.

  • Allows the AASD staff to be involved in selection of student teachers.

  • Provides early placement verification to student teaching candidates.

  • Provides an on-site administrator/coordinator.

  • Encourages participation of college staff in development of on-site educational seminars for teachers and student teachers.

  • Allows the AASD to have input into grades for participating student teachers.

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