Ed Dombrowski, District Administrator for the School District of Manawa and Megan Yeska, Elementary Principal, were visited on May 14, 2012. The discussion focused on four areas concerning district policy; district expectations of new teachers; TPA and producing a student teacher video; and the following programs:


Fred Yeo, James Hoffman, Ed Dombrowski, and Megan Yeska

The following key points were also discussed during the visit:

  • New teachers need to understand RTI and the Common Core Standards.  The main area of concern was that new teachers lack problem-solving skills to help them in their daily work.  The possibility of student teachers being at one site for 18 weeks instead of a split assignment was also discussed.   The 18 weeks at one site is better for the students and the site teacher.  Student teachers could also become more involved in the daily work of a teacher.
  • The uploading of a student teacher video from a district site to send to a site out of the district as one of the student teacher requirements is considered to be a problem at this time.  The district would have a problem with the students being seen in the video and also individual student involvement in the video.
  • The district feels that the Add On Licensure is program that has to many hoops to jump through for a teacher.  It could help the marketability of teachers, but at this time most teachers are not thinking of investing money into the program.  The uncertain of times that teachers are presently in could also be the reason for not many taking advantage of the program.  The district would not pay for this at this time.  It would be very difficult to do with the present lack of district funds.


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