Little Chute

Dave Boltz, District Administrator for the Little Chute Area School District, was visited on June 14, 2012. The discussion focused on four areas concerning district policy; district expectations of new teachers; TPA and producing a student teacher video; and the following programs:

Little Chute

Fred Yeo, Dave Boltz and Jim Hoffman


 The following key points were also discussed during the visit:

  • The district has recently put a lot of money into technology.  There would not be a problem with a student teacher video being uploaded directly from the district.  If students don’t have permission to be shown in a video, they would be removed from the classroom while the video is being produced in the classroom.
  • Add on Licensure is good for the district.  Teachers that have multiple certifications can be very helpful to the district.  Any method to make the gaining of new certification easier for teachers is very beneficial.
  • New teachers new a good understanding of the Common Core Standards.  They also need a strong base in assessment and data collection.  They need to know how to measure student growth.  Physical Education teachers need to be certified in Adaptive Physical Education and also Health.
  • Student teachers would strongly benefit from an 18-week placement in one school rather then two 9-week placements in two different schools.  They need the full immersion in the school.  Co-teaching would work better then the traditional student teaching in this type of format.


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