Lee Allinger, District Administrator for the Appleton Area School District, was visited on June 28, 2012. The discussion focused on four areas concerning district policy; district expectations of new teachers; TPA and producing a student teacher video; and the following programs:


Fred Yeo, Lee Allinger and Jim Hoffman

  • The Add on Licensure Program extends the license of teachers.  The program is individually tailored to help teachers or districts enhance their flexibility in curriculum areas.
  • The Educational Leadership Program has the flexibility for districts to choose course work that focuses on their district goals and initiatives.  This course work could be made part of an individual Master’s of Science Degree for teachers in the district.

The following key points were also discussed during the visit:

  • New teachers must be able to understand and use good educational practices in the classroom.  They must also understand assessment and what types of assessment to use in their classrooms. The new teacher must also know how to integrate technology into the classroom.  The district has recently reviewed the last three years of newly hired teachers in the district.  This has helped them to review their hiring practices.
  • The uploading to the Internet of a student teachers individual video will face some problems because of district policies concerning the ownership of the video and also student involvement in the video.  The making of a video by a student teacher is a new requirement for student teaching in the state.
  • The Add-on-Licensure Program is a great option for a district to use for staffing.  Staff have to pay for it now but that could change in the future if the license is in an area of district need.
  • An 18-week format for student teaching would be more beneficial for student teachers and the classroom students.  The districts Teacher in Residence Program currently is an 18 -week program that gives a student an in depth experience in student teaching.

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