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Weyauwega - Fremont

Scott Bleck, District Administrator of the Weyauwega – Fremont School District, was visited on August 10, 2011. The visit focused on the following:

Weyauwega - Fremont

Fred Yeo, Scott Bleck, Jim Hoffman

How student teachers are developed in The Appleton Area School District Teacher in Residence Program.

The course options for teachers who want to be cooperating teachers for the supervision of student teachers.  The course options are online, hybrid and face to face.

The Add On Licensure Program is a program that extends the licensure of teachers.  Teachers need district administration involvement before they can take part in it to gain further licensing in Wisconsin.

The need for higher education to understand the Common Core State Standards for preparing teachers to teach in Wisconsin school districts.

A new Principal Licensure Program will be offered from COEHS.  The program will begin in the fall of 2011.

Special Education will be added in the near future to the Add On Licensure Program.  This will help Special Education teachers extend their licensure to Kindergarten through grade 12.

The new expansion of the Special Education Program and how it will help rural Districts have more candidates for Special education positions.  The program will be centered in the Plymouth School District.

The Educational Leadership Program offers flexibility in designing program for individuals or school districts.

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