Mary Weber, Superintendent of the Kaukauna School District, was visited on July 12, 2011. The visit focused on the following:


Fred Yeo, Mary Weber, Jim Hoffman

  • The current situation in education that has come about from the new state legislation.



  • The Add On Licensure Program is a program that needs district administration involvement before a person can take part in it to gain further licensing in Wisconsin.


  • Students need to graduate from Elementary Education with ESL, Special Education or other areas to improve their chances of getting jobs.  Physical Education students need Health or Adapted physical Education.



  • The designing of a professional development program for principals with the input from interested K12 school districts.  New principals need to understand the politics of the job


  • The new expansion of the Special Education Program and how it will help rural Districts have more candidates for Special education positions.  The program will be centered in the Plymouth School District.


  • The Educational Leadership program offers flexibility in designing program for individuals or school districts.


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