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North Fond du Lac Visit

Aaron Sadoff, District Administrator for the School District of North Fond du Lac, was visited on July 13, 2010.

North Fond du Lac Visit

Fred Yeo, Aaron Sadoff and Jim Hoffman

We traveled to North Fond du Lac on July 13, 2010 to visit with Aaron Sadoff, District Administrator for the School District of North Fond du Lac. His district serves approximately 1,250 students in grades K-12 and has initiatives that include based, best practice work revolving around Professional Learning Communities for staff and differentiated instruction for students.

Our discussion with Aaron, who is a member of the COEHS/K12 Advisory Council, included the following topics:

  • Aaron offered schools in his district as host sites for courses and meetings.

  • When asked about the quality of new special education teachers whom the district had hired from the College of Education and Human Services, Aaron said he knew four in his district who are multi-categorical and are excellent teachers.

  • The issue that there is not add-on licensure for special education.

  • The North Fond du Lac district’s involvement with a UW-Madison middle school-focused program for science teachers that is operated in conjunction with CESA 6 and CESA 5.

  • Aaron requested Penny Buckley’s e-mail address to thank her for the work that has been done with cooperating teachers in the district and to get information on the refresher course link on the college’s Web page for cooperating veteran teachers who work with student teachers.

  • We shared information with him about the review of the Math Placement Test for new students in the UW system.

  • Future K12 and higher education issues related to declining public support, response and collaboration.

  • New and current programs offered through COEHS, including the EXCEL Center’s Add-on Licensure program.

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