Neenah Visit

Mary Pfeiffer, District Administrator for the Neenah School District, was visited on June 27, 2010.

Neenah Visit

Jim Hoffman, Mary Pfeiffer and Fred Yeo

We visited Mary Pfeiffer, District Administrator for the Neenah School District, which has an enrollment of over 6,300 students. Our discussions with Mary on June 27, 2010 focused on the following:

  • The results from the review of the Math Placement Test conducted by the COEHS/K-12 Advisory Council. Mark Duerwaechter, Assistant District Administrator for Secondary Learning and Leadership in the Neenah district, is a member of the review sub-committee. As part of the review, it was suggested to look at students who had taken algebra in the 8th grade to determine what their level of success was on the test.

  • Problems with state funding that will impact all districts throughout the state.

  • Issues of teacher preparation in the area of Special Education. These concerns will be discussed further with the Special Education Coordinator for the Neenah School District.

  • The Add-on Licensure program from the EXCEL Center.

  • The requirement for cooperating teachers who work with student teachers to complete a course in supervision of student teachers. The college offers online, hybrid and face-to-face options for teachers to fulfill this requirement.

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