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Fond du Lac Visit

Dr. James Sebert, Superintendent of the Fond du Lac School District, was visited on August 2, 2010.

Fond du Lac Visit

Fred Yeo, Dr. James Sebert and Jim Hoffman

We visited Dr. James Sebert, Superintendent of the Fond du Lac School District, on August 2, 2010. His district serves approximately 7,600 students and operates 14 school buildings, including nine elementary schools, three middle schools, a high school and an alternative high school for at-risk students.

Our visit focused on:

  • Development of a principal’s licensure program based at the college and its impact on northeast Wisconsin.

  • The COEHS/K12 Advisory Council and the outcomes from the review of the math placement test. All incoming freshmen are required to take the math placement text.

  • The EXCEL Center’s Add-on Licensure program and how it can benefit districts.

  • A preparatory course for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards now being offered by the college. It was mentioned that teachers do better if they have a support group.

  • Discussed the Hybrid Online Reading Master's Program, which integrates excellence in reading instruction with cutting-edge technology.

  • That cooperating teachers cooperating teachers must complete a course in supervision of student teachers. Dr. Sebert will distribute a copy of the course pamphlet so he can make copies for interested teachers in his district.

  • How special education teachers are performing in the district. Dr. Sebert stated that he will talk to his Pupil Services Director and relay information back to the college.

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