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How Beaver and the Dog Helped Each Other
an original story by
Angelia Naquayouma, HoChunk

One day as a beaver was gnawing down trees in the forest he heard a strange rustling sound. At first he was scared, but he was also curious. So, the beaver hid behind a tree to see what animal was making the noise. As he watched, he saw a dog with a strange object wrapped around its head. It was a leather thing that went around the dog's mouth and fastened behind its ears. It was also attached to a strap that went around the dog's neck and then dragged on the earth. The dog was struggling to pull the thing from his head. The beaver was afraid, but he cautiously went up to the dog.

"Please help me get this thing off," the dog pleaded in a muffled voice.

"Of course I will help you," the beaver quickly replied.

He took two chomps with his strong teeth, and the strange strap was off! The dog was very grateful!

"You helped me. How can I help you?" the dog asked.

"Well, will you help me drag this log to my pond? " the beaver replied.

"Of course," the dog answered. He grabbed a limb with his teeth and started to tug, but the log did not budge.

"I guess I'm just going to have to gnaw it into smaller lengths," Beaver said. "It's just too big."

"Wait! I have an idea," the dog said. He took the end of the strap and fastened it to a strong tree branch.

He gave Beaver the other end. "Pull!" he shouted. The dog also pulled on the strap, and the log slid easily along the ground.

Soon they found themselves on a little hill above the pond. Carefully, they dragged the log to the edge of the hill and then quickly released the strap as the log started to roll. It rolled right to the edge of the water!

"Wow, that worked great!" the beaver said. "Thanks for helping."

"And, again, thank you for helping me," the dog replied.

So the dog and Beaver thanked each other and went their separate ways.


How Beaver and the Dog Helped Each Other
Word Problems

Join: Result Unknown
The beaver gnawed ___ twigs from the log. Then he gnawed ___ more twigs.
How many twigs did he gnaw from the log?
(5, 4) (12, 21) (26, 17)

Separate: Result Unknown
There were ___ logs on the hill. The beaver rolled ___ logs down to the pond.
How many logs are still on the hill?
(7, 3) (27, 16) (32, 14)

Part Part Whole: Whole Unknown
There are ___ birch trees and ___ poplar trees. How many trees are there altogether?
(2, 6) (8, 9) (36, 27)

Compare: Difference Unknown
There are ___ poplar trees and ___ birch trees. How many more poplar trees are there than birch trees?
(8, 5) (17, 9) (43, 26)

The beaver gnawed ___ twigs from each log. There were ___ logs.
How many twigs did the beaver gnaw?
(2, 3) (4, 6) (6, 12)

Measurement Division
The beaver had ___ apples. He gave ___ apples to each of his friends. How many friends got apples?
(6, 2) (18, 6) (44, 11)

Partitive Division
The beaver had ___ apples. He gave them to ___ of his friends. He gave each friend the same number of apples. How many apples did each friend get?
(8, 2) (24, 6) (56, 4)

Join: Change Unknown
In the morning the beaver rolled ___ logs down the hill to the pond. By late afternoon,
he had rolled ___ logs to the pond. How many logs did he roll down the hill in the afternoon?
(3, 7) (9, 23) (76, 84)

Separate: Change Unknown
The beaver had ___ fish. He gave some to the dog. Then he had ___ fish left.
How many fish did he give to the dog?
(8, 3) (13, 24) (35, 27)

Part Part Whole: Part Unknown
There were ___ trees. ___ of them were maple trees.
The rest were birch trees.
How many birch trees were there?
(8, 5) (26, 24) (48, 29)

Join: Start Unknown
The beaver had some fish. A friend gave him ___ more fish. Then he had ___ fish. How many fish did the
beaver have before his friend gave him any?
(8, 12) (12, 23) (36, 52)

Two-Step Problem
Beaver gnawed down ___ trees.
Each tree had ___ branches.
Beaver used ___ branches to plug a hole in his
dam. How many branches didn't he use?
(4, 4, 12) (6, 6, 14) (7, 11, 38)