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Tree of Peace
an Oneida story
retold by Charlie Doxtater

The story of the Tree of Peace is true and happened in the early 1800's. The Tree of Peace helped unite one of the most powerful leagues ever, The Iroquois League of Nations. The Iroquois League was made up of six tribes: the Cayuga, the Mohawk, the Oneida, the Onondaga, the Seneca, and the Tuscarora.

The tribes of the Iroquois League at one time were fighting with one another. There were fierce battles, but the people grew tired of the fighting. So they agreed to bury their weapons under a giant white pine tree. They believed that the weapons would be carried away by the under ground waters. So they sent the weapons off through the path of the roots. The weapons went in all four directions. After that, the tribes no longer fought. Instead, they formed the Iroquois League.

Today the Iroquois people have peace with one another and together the tribes form a powerful nation.


Photo TreeTree of Peace
Word Problems

Join: Result Unknown
One little boy picked up ___ pinecones.
A little girl gave him ___ more pine cones. How many pinecones does the little boy have?
(3, 4) (12, 17) (14, 27)

Separate: Result Unknown
There were ___ pinecones on a white pine. ___ of the pinecones fell to the ground.
How many pinecones didn't fall?
(7, 3) (18, 6) (33, 14)

Part Part Whole: Whole Unknown
There were ___ pine trees and ___ cedar trees. How many trees were there altogether?
(6, 3) (11, 8) (25, 37)

Compare: Difference Unknown
There were ___ sparrows and ____ blackbirds on sitting in the same tree.
How many more sparrows were there than blackbirds?
(8, 3) (14, 6) (22, 18)

___ children each gathered ___ pinecones from the ground. How many pine cones did the
children gather?
(2, 3) (6, 4) (5, 12)

Measurement Division
A little boy gave ___ pinecones to each of his friends. Altogether, he gave away ___ pinecones.
How many friends does the little boy have?
(2, 8) (3, 12) (5, 25)

Partitive Division
There were ___ birds sitting in ___ trees. Each tree had the same number of birds.
How many birds were in each tree?
(8, 2) (18, 3) (48, 12)

Join: Change Unknown
A little girl had ___ pine cones. A friend gave her some more pinecones. Then she had ___ pinecones. How many pinecones did her friend give her?
(8, 12) (23, 45) (125, 210)

Separate: Change Unknown
There were ___ blackbirds in a tree.
Some flew away. Then there were ___ in the tree.
How many blackbirds flew away?
(17, 9) (26, 14) (37, 28)

Part Part Whole: Part Unknown
There were ___ birds in a tree. ___ were sparrows.
The rest were black bird.
How many blackbirds were there?
(13, 6) (22, 10) (37, 18)