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WEMTA Library Media Scholarships

Scholarship applications are closed at this time. 


The Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association (WEMTA) offers several scholarships for library media students.

The Lowell Wilson Scholarship encourages strong school leaders to gain the certification required for serving as library media and instructional technology specialists in our PK-12 schools. The scholarship provides tuition funding for graduate level coursework in the early years of a student's program.

The Doctoral Studies Scholarship provides funding for a doctoral student enrolled in a university program that prepares educators of future school library media and instructional technology specialists.

The WEMTA Permanent Endowment Trust (PET) has scholarship funds available for candidates studying to be school library media/technology specialists or library/instructional technology educators at the university/college level.

Please contact Vicki Santacroce, WEMTA secretary, at for an application form.

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