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Leonardi Scholarship

Scholarship applications are closed at this time. 


This scholarship is awarded to a UW Oshkosh Special Education student who has at least 60 semester credits applicable to the major.  Strong academic performance and experiences in working with disabilities are primary.  Financial need is not a consideration. 

The Leonardi’s are the parents of a former Department member, Professor Emeritus Lois Pence.  They funded a scholarship because of their strong beliefs in the career chosen by their daughter.


Recipients of this scholarship must have at least 60 credits completed by the upcoming fall semester. The student must exhibit strong academic performance and have experience in working with persons with disabilities. Financial need is not a consideration for this scholarship.


The student will be selected by a committee consisting of three faculty members from the UW Oshkosh Special Education Department.  The faculty will determine who these three members will be each year.

The three faculty members will select one recipient from those applying. They will then present their selection to the special education faculty of the whole for their approval.

The Award

The scholarship is awarded in the spring for application toward the following fall semester’s tuition.

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