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Carla Roberts Special Education Teaching Scholarship

Scholarship applications are closed at this time.  

Carla Roberts is a nontraditional 2008 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh graduate with a degree in special education. She completed the program with honors while struggling financially as a single parent of two young sons.

During this turbulent time, she was fortunate to have received help in the form of scholarships from caring individuals who she feels made it possible for her to reach her goals. She made a promise to her benefactors and herself that she would not forget the kindness, but pay it forward with a scholarship of her own. She announced this intention at her commencement ceremony where she was class speaker.

Should you receive this scholarship, she asks only that you remember this philosophy and someday pay it forward in any way, small or large, to someone less fortunate than yourself.


  1. Applicant must be a full- or part-time student enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

  2. Applicant must be enrolled for at least six credits at time of application and time of award disbursement.

  3. Applicant must have a declared major in special education and must have met Admission I requirements.

  4. Applicant must be a single parent, male or female, with physical placement of their child/children at least 40 percent of the time.

  5. Applicant must demonstrate financial need by completing the financial aid form currently used by the University to determine eligibility for federal and state grants and loans.



  1. Applicant must prepare an essay answering the following questions:

    1. Tell me about yourself, your child/children, your current living situation and your
      financial need.

    2. How will receiving this scholarship help you?

    3. What made you choose Special Education?

    4. What is your ultimate goal in life, either personal or professional?

  2. Applicant must provide a copy of the custody and placement legal documentation.

  3. Selection will be completed by the special education department, with the involvement of the scholarship donor.


The Award:

The award will be applied to the recipient’s next tuition obligation at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

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