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McCall, Ava, Ph.D., Professor


Doctor of Philosophy Indiana University - 1987

Phone: (920) 424-3155

Office: N/E 506


Areas of Expertise:

  • Social Studies Education

  • Multicultural

  • Social Reconstructionist Education

  • Feminist Pedagogy

  • Caring  in Teaching

Brief Bio

I taught in both low-income culturally diverse and middle-class European American elementary schools in South Bend, Indiana from 1970-1983. I also taught in a multi-age, alternative program for elementary students who needed a different setting and experience from a traditional elementary classroom. Since moving into teacher education in 1987, I taught introduction to education and methods courses in social studies, reading, and language arts. During the past 10 years I have concentrated on teaching social studies methods and supervising clinical students.

During the past 15 years, my scholarship has primarily focused on improving social studies education through a multicultural, social reconstructionist approach. I have studied my own teaching and students' responses as a teacher educator and as a collaborator with an elementary teacher in a fourth-grade classroom. I also have researched examples of exemplary Wisconsin studies teaching. In addition, I have published a number of articles offering examples of strategies and resources to enrich social studies education and implement a multicultural social reconstructionist approach.

Date of First Employment at UW Oshkosh: September 1, 1989
Years of P-12 Experience: 13 Years


Classes Typically Taught:

  • Elementary Education 317 Teaching Social Studies PK-8

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